Girls: most girls are waiting for guys to ask them out. True?

I was hanging out with some girls in my dorm last term and we were talking about how nobody really dates at our college. Their point was that guys don't ask girls out, but I don't see that most girls are interested in going out with guys at all. Girls seem more interested in hanging out with other girls and trying to flirt with maybe one or two guys who every girl wants. The girls said this isn't true, and that most girls are dying for guys to ask them out (the implication being that I should man up and ask someone out). Thoughts?


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  • You should play it cool also :-) it's girls like a chase as well. It's not that we are uninterested. We just don't want to be targeted, and vulnerable. The wrong guys pick that up in a heartbeat. a lot of women are traditional. We want you to offer to pay. for dinner. Buy a gift. Text us randomly. Be sweet. Caring. Kind. Women think guys should asks the girls out. Most at least. Maybe one is interested. Watch for b eye contact. Make a reference to going on a date. a few nights ago in that same group, and see were the eyes shift to b the most

  • I always wait for guys to ask me out. I dont like to ask out a boy because i fear he might think im desperate to going out with him. Girls will always play hard to catch.

    • My friends' point, though, was that the girls at our school really want the guys to ask them out even though it seems to me like they're over guys in some strange way. Like the girls secretly really want traditional dating behavior from guys even though they play it cool.

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