I want something serious am I too young?

So im about a year away from being 18 i really really like him. he's incredibly good looking makes good money and is a total sweet heart. he's a bit older than me but i would absolutely love to be his girlfriend. Im really pretty. I plan on staying in school. I am really polite smart honest girl. My intentions are good do you think it could happen?


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  • It definitely could happen. If you're both into each other and want the same things!


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  • Yeah, you are. You're idealistic. You don't see things for what they are. That's a good thing. Keep that. Hold it dear. You'll need it for The Coming Dark.


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  • Your looks and plans for the future don't really matter in this case. A relationship works if two people have a strong , special and rare connection. He should be your best friend someone you're able to tell anything to. If you have all of that with him it could work and become serious. I suggest if he's more than 3 years older don't go for it. After all you're only 17 but still capable of knowing what you want.

    • I agree. Take your time and become friends first. If u r truly interested in each other a little time will only make your bond stronger. May try a little test, confide in him about something small (and not very serious) and see how he reacts. Thatat can b a good gage of his interest in u.

  • I'm 13 and I've been serious with a guy since we were 12

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