Should I text him or wait for him to hit me up?

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This guy I've been seeing seems pretty into me, and I'm into him. We have sex once a week and hang out with his friends or study together. Recently, we are both on winter break from college so we haven't seen each other in about 2 weeks. My phone broke not long ago, so I told him to message me on Facebook. he was messaging me nonstop on there for 3 days, being really sweet and stuff, then he stopped replying on there and I haven't heard back from him. I got a new phone, so I'm able to text on there, but I don't want to message him because I'm scared he doesn't want to talk. What do you think I should do?


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  • Well I am in the situation the guy is in and with me i text the girl and we both like each other but i feel like im being annoying because i will send four text and then get a message back. So he might just feel like he is being a pain and doesn't want to harm your relationship. So if you want to talk to him but your waiting for him to send the first text you might not get it because he is waiting for you to send the first one

    • But if he's stopped replying on Facebook then I don't know why I would message him. .

    • Like if he's the one who stopped replying, then basically that means he doesn't want to talk.

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  • Sounds like your friends with benefits had lost interest. He knows how to talk to you on fb but he stopped. Must've found a new friends with benefits .

    • I don't know we're at that stage where our relationship isn't defined. He wanted me to meet all his friends, he's definitely interested because I doubt he lost interest over night? But who knows. We just haven't talked in a few days.

  • Why would you be scared to text someone you're with? Are you in a relationship? Or just a friends with benefit situation?

    • Like the beginning stages of a relationship. Where I'm meeting all his friends and stuff.

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