We both like each other but she has a boyfriend. What do I do?

This girl from school gave me her number and my friend talked me into talki g to her, I told her how i felt, that i liked her. She told me she liked me to and we have been texting each other for the past week and i don't know what to do, wether i should stick with it and hope we could have a relationship or if i should drop it and except that she is in a relationship and be happy for her. What should I do?


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  • I had been in a similar situation and it went very bad. My advice would be to not take it further because:

    1. You are essentially getting getting between her and her bf which is not ethically right.
    2. If she *would* leave her bf for you, what stops her from doing the same with you later?
    3. It's bad karma, trust me.
    4. There are plenty of other girls out there and an attraction only becomes deeper if you nurture it that way.

    My suggestion would be, you meet her bf and become friends and if she is reluctant to do that, just stop interacting with her. I mean don't ignore her, but don't take the initiative to text her. Also, meet other girls, I guess there are plenty out there.

    I was in the exact same situation (she had a bf) when she confessed her feelings for me. It put me in a fix and I really did care for her. I tried befriending her bf, but maybe a better thing would have been to have broken the friendship gently. Her silence and avoidance of me made me feel like I wronged her and I wanted some closure. But she put a police report on me instead and got rid of me. A lot happened later, and we are 'friends' now, but I still feel bad thinking of all the things that happened.

    Don't end up like me. I am just saying, attractions can destroy you. You are probably not anywhere as foolish as me, because I was intensely attracted to her and when she said she had feelings I couldn't do much with my own. As guilty as I felt, I had to admit they existed.

    Long comment short : Nip it in the bud, don't take the attraction further. You won't get her and even if you do, you might not be able to trust her. Just wish them the best and YOU WILL find someone even better!


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  • She sounds a bit flakey. in my opinion, if you like someone and they like you back, be with them. If you don't, then don't.

    She can't be that into you if she's still with her bf and she can't be that into him if she's flirting around with you.

    I would say to her that you want to be with her but can't if she's with her bf still and say that you'll be friends but nothing more.


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  • How can she be with somebody else and yet be liking you? Because if thats the case what does that tell you about her? If you guys out of nowhere end up being together, what if another guys comes along and she develops feelings for him? Would it be nice if she dumped you and went for the other guy that she newly likes?

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