Need help on my crush situation?

okay this is a long read. I appreciate any input.

So there's a girl that I have been crushing on for a while. I asked her out like 6 months ago and she said yes and we went out to dinner. We also went to a concert and held hands. I texted her after the date to go out again but I think I moved too fast because she stopped replying to my texts.

Lately she's been liking all my photos on Instagram as I post them. i also got accepted into law school so I feel her perception of me has changed in a positive way (I never mentioned what I wanted to do with my life before). She liked 6 pictures in a row so I decided to text her saying we should catch up over the holiday break she said "yes just text me whenever you do something ☺️".. I texted her a few days later to see what she was doing and we texted back and forth a bit-- she was on her way out of state for a family vacay. She stopped replying to my texts that same day. She got back last Tuesday and I left the next day for vacation... I get back tomorrow.

She hasn't texted me and I haven't texted her. However I have posted 3 pictures since I have been on vacation and she has liked them all. She doesn't like many guys photos.

My question is : does her liking my photos mean she wants me to text her even though she hasn't replied? I'm a bit scared since I came off too strong 6 months ago... Kinda risky. She doesn't like many guys photos



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  • I lyjink you should tell her how you feel and tell her your kinda confused and worried


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