If neither of you have dated before and both have no experience with the opposite sex, what do you do?

We both like each other, but the thing is we've never dated anyone in high school, and neither of us have that much experience with the opposite sex. I mean, he was my first kiss and he's only kissed one other girl.

We're both shy and quiet, but I mean it just takes me some time to get comfortable to someone. I just get really quiet and nervous around him, and the fact that we're both quiet doesn't help.

He's a year younger than me, and like we met in September.. but just a few days ago he mentioned that we should hang out and i agreed.. but i just dread the fact that it might get quiet or i won't know what to talk about because im so nervous... and he sort of holds back too.


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  • Well first of all, don't be nervous! I know that's easier said then done, but one you has to relax enough for the both of you. Why not let it be you? Just go with the flow. There's really no handbook when it comes to this stuff. You've already kissed him so there should be some comfort there. Don't overthink it! Maybe Google some conversation starters.

    • That's true. I'm the type that just thinks that there's a certain way things have to be done for everything :P I guess, i should try to relax more.. and yeah youd think because we kissed and all everything would be kind of obvious but neither of us has mentioned the kiss since it happened like two months ago, and it let kind of a different air between us and basically everything has been a stop and go sort of motion... and yeah i dont know what im doing clearly.

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    • Well don't overthink it. It'll come naturally to you.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • If I was in his situation and I was trying to impress you but didn't know what to do, I would research everything I could about how to be a gentleman on a date on google. And I will remember to do everything it says to do

    • Hahah aw that's cute! But what should I do as well? I mean, i think i'm over thinking it obviously but i really dont know what to do. It's nerve wracking haha

    • I would google it too!

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