Asked her if I can kiss her, does this show lack of interest? Or just lack of confidence?

Went out with a girl 3 times, asked the first time if i could kiss her (ye, i know, and i've learnt my lesson) and the next times we made out.

Have i shown lack of interest by asking her if i can kiss her? I'm not talking about confidence here, because that i'm busy overcoming.


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  • I prefer a guy to just just go for it, and kiss me. Bit of a put off if he asks. Just shows lack of experience to me!

    Girls would rather a guy try it on and say no to him, if she's not ready, than a guy to ask if its okay. No need to act like a gentlemen, be more dominant!

    • And that's what i'm working on... but like i said in another comment, she's the first girl I've been with and i wasn't entirely sure what i wanted or how to get it. I'm starting to learn that now, but it's still a process and it will take time

    • Aww okay, at least your working on youself to gain more confidence, it will gradually build up in time. Good luck with your new relationship!!

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • "Have i shown lack of interest by asking her if i can kiss her?" <--- How do you figure?

    • Well i know it's a lack of confidence, and i'm working on that... But am i showing disinterest in her, or am i showing her interest by asking her? Regardless of whether it's being dominant or not, because like i said, i'm working on that. She's the first girl i've been with (late bloomer alert) so i'm still learning what it is i need to do, to get the woman i desire.

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    • I was just making sure lol sometimes a lack of confidence can be misinterpreted as a lack of interest. As long as my interest was clear, that's fine, now all i need to do is work on the confidence.

    • Good luck with that. You'll need a lot. A fuckton.

  • Na it just shows no dominance from you next time go for it don't ask but make sure the moment is right women love a man that can take control of the situation at the right time , basically lead them on don't let them lead you to the friend zone.

    • Yea, it's fine... it's a mistake i won't make again. I will be more dominant next time, and not to be afraid of the fact i'm attracted to someone. And not be afraid to show them either ;)

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