Going to boyfriend's step dad's day dinner?

So my boyfriends step dads birthday dinner with his two kids who are 17 and 14 and my boyfriend's mom and my boyfriends two brothers. We all met up at his moms house and when my bf and I got there she asked my bf if she could talk to him privately for a sec which I thought was kind of odd that it couldn't wait until later when no one else was around like via phone or text but whatever. Later on when we left his mom's house after the dinner I asked him what happened and he said his mom said that they weren't expecting me to come. I was so taken back by this as I am always invited to every family function after this amount of time being with him for 4 years now. I literally always go with him for Sunday dinners at his mom's. He is in his mid twenties by the way. I was trying to figure out if I did or said something I wasn't aware of to offend them and we both couldn't think of anything. My bf said he told his mom that since I always come to everything and always have that he assumed I was always invitee and I didn't need an actual verbal invitation. What we both also didn't understand was why she couldn't wait until later on to address it with him. Why I wouldn't be invited is my confusion it hurt my feelings.


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  • She just appears to be acting bitchy!

    • Yeah seriously if I am paying for own plate I don't understand the big deal

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