How do I get him back? He mentioned fwbs but I don't know?

I was stuck in a love triangle some months ago. I have both guys a chance but things with T and I got very complicated so I went with J. j and I lasted 2 months and broke up. T ultimately is thee guy I want. He said there's no hard feelings between Us which is good. How do I get back to the way things were with T and I? He said we can start off just as friends then mentioned fwbs for now but I really want to get back to when we were together. Help?


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  • No, don't do friends with benefits AT ALL. Please listen to me. Any man who promises you less upfront will never, NEVER give you more. You're young, so please listen to me and don't waste your time and youth on a guy who's being selfish and only looking to get inside your pants - he is selfish.

    What you do is, explain to him, calmly and sweetly, that while you may have feelings for him still, the fact is, friends with benefits is an insult and that you're not interested in that.

    He might be gone for good after that, or he might miss you, come back, and offer you more. Don't settle for less. Be strong and be willing to risk losing him, because if he's not worth it, find out now. Don't waste precious time.


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  • If you go friends with benefits you will just get hurt as you appear to be in love with t perhaps you would be wise to have some time alone from guys and then you can see what you really want

  • Sounds like it's a trust issue. If you care about him you need to give him time to make his own decision.


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