Overcome insecurities?

I tend to be a insecure person at times and my boyfriend keeps telling me that I make problems out of nothing. We're currently having to do the long distance thing and it's becoming harder and harder. I keep texting all day because of the insecurities and he keeps getting upset and tells me he needs to miss me. I feel I'm pushing him farther and farther away and not sure what to do at this point to draw ourselves closer before I ruin everything and get what I don't want. HELP


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  • We all have insecurities.
    Recognition is the first step.
    Yeah I would get annoyed about the texting too.
    Read a book, go to a movie, hang with friends, and set a limit on texts, maybe only 2 or 3 a day.
    Get back with me on this.
    I want to know how you are doing.

    • Thanks! Reading a book is a good idea and limiting the texts to a 2-3 a day is good advice too. I keep telling myself that if it was reversed I would be irritated as well. He's very patient to some extent but he also created these insecurities by cheating on me we broke up for 5 months and are now back together. It's hard to let if go sometimes and not think the worst even though I knew what I was getting into and if I have forgiven him then I need to let it go

    • OOOps I didn't know about the cheating stuff.
      Red flags!