Do think could make fashion model and print with my new hair?

I trying out a brand new britsh rocker look


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  • Honestly, I doubt it.
    I modeled for almost 15 years, catalog, not necessarily fashion.
    It is an extremely competitive business.
    Prime female models are usually 10-22 YO.
    Males, 14-25 or so.
    I really don't know why the disparity.
    Females get a hip spread in late teens that is usually a killer for them.
    Guys with thinning hair are virtually eliminated from fashion.
    That doesn't mean you shouldn't try.
    I'm 19 and still do some shots, but could never live on it.
    Have a pro portfolio done.
    Start there.

    • males can model on to their 30s

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    • I starting off as musician becauase 50 cent got on cover of GQ ;)

    • my music carrier been more promising with blogs features.

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  • Are you serious? Tell me you're not serious. NO.

  • No way. They'd eat you alive. Modelling really isn't for everyone. Certainly not for you


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