Secret admirer style? or not?

I having a crush with a close friend, a girl whom i know for along time. We went through a lot and we are comfortable w each other. Sometimes, we talked otp before bed. I don't know how she feels towards me, but sometimes i do think she likes me more than a friends. So, I am planning on wrapping a gift for her, along with a letter. Do you think it is wise to send her the gift anonymously? entirely anonymous? or should i write the letter, in the sense whereby she might know who am i? But I don't know how she feel about me though :/


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  • Make it non annoymous and see how she feels

    • but the gift that i am going to give, might tell it was from me though, or even the letters that i will write. Do you think is good enough?

    • yes then you will know if she like you back

    • Why be Anonymous it doesn't work my brother did it the girl ended up dating his best friend just be you

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