Was it just sex? was the sex bad? . was I played?

i've been talking to this guy for about 2 months but we had known each other for four years we text every day all day for the whole two months before we had sex everything seems to be promising. he claimed to always like me and wanted to date me however after we finally had sex he seemed to get more distant and blamed it on how the holidays season kept him tied up because he works in retail and that wee will make time once the holidays is over we still text just not as much and i always text first. I talk to him about it he says it wasn't a hit-and-run and that he wants to see me again but doesn't make an effort he doesn't seem as interested anymore ( as far as getting together) we follow each other on social networks and it's obvious thats he not that busy. can somebody explain this?


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  • Guys always make less effort afterwards. It doesn't necessarily mean he isn't into you. See how it plays out.


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