She doesn't want a serious relationship.. Next move should be?

We've been on several dates, hangout in groups together before we went out exclusively... and hooked up several time after the dating started,. When I lightly tried to see where it was going she pulled back and said even though she has a ton of fun with me she's just not at that point... doesn't want that serious relationship right now. Almost like a flip switched from on to off... she was having a blast with me and let me know how much she was into me, I never really pressed either. However, she wants to keep hanging out and having fun.

1) I shouldn't take it personal, should I?
2). Good chance we could still hook up right, and if so how do I approach?
3) could playing a little but of natural hard to get make her realize what she's passing on..


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  • I definitely wouldn't take it personal. Maybe she has been hurt which makes her pull back and become hesitant. I have been that girl who has a great time with a guy while being fully aware that I didn't want a relationship. When he asked me to be his girlfriend, I agreed BUT ONLY BECAUSE I WAS HAVING SUCH A GREAT TIME, not because I was actually interested in him. I ultimately broke up with him and he ended up falling in love with me.

    Maybe still hook up with her. Just kiss and turn her on. A girl who wants to have sex, especially since you guys have already hooked up, will not turn you down... AND is the sex good? There shouldn't be a worry if so. The hooking up could even make her want you more. With my ex the sex was insane and that kept me around longer than necessary, unfortunately.

    I wouldn't play hard to get. If you know what she's missing out on and you know that you're a great catch, don't worry about her. A lot of times we like someone so much that we forget that there a million other people who we wouldn't have to convince or play games with for them to want to stick around.




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