Do I just have bad luck?

It doesn't matter how confident or energetic I am when I talk to women, or how hard I work and be successful at what I done. Nothing seems to impress anyone. When I'm being serious people think I'm joking. I try to be helpful to people who are depressed, but they take me lightly when I tell them they can come to me for help or need someone to talk to. Every girl I know I ask out are "busy" and give me a WTF/ are you kidding me kind of face. I really don't know what happened but whenever I'm finally happy with something, life seems to reply "LOL, just give me a sec"

Girls are like the Oscars and I'm Leonardo DiCaprio


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  • Sounds like you try too hard. Just be chill and go with the flow.

    • I tried to do that in the military... didn't work out.

    • One thing you need to remember is to not give away too much, too soon. Let a girl work for your affection. Start at a casual level, as friends, and don't push it much. When you're getting to know someone, go for a walk downtown. there's nothing better than that. Whenever I've gone on walks with a guy I'm getting to know, I usually end up falling for them. It may sound strange, but don't reveal much about yourself, just take it slow and it will happen on its own.

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