Advice please? Do you think he lost interest or is being truthful?

I have been on three dates with a guy who lives 50 minutes away. The first two dates he drove down to me and we went out for dinner and drinks. For the third date, he took me to NYC to see the tree and ice skate at Rockefelle Center and had dinner. For the fourth date, I suggested drinks and he said yes. However, he cancelled a few hours before since he had a busy day and didn't feel like driving down here. He said he was sorry and was going to make it up to me. He is not a big texter and only texts to make plans a few days in advance. We met through mutual friends at a house party.


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  • He could be anything, it's still too early to tell. Try making another plan, and see how it goes

    • Thank you, I also met his mom if that helps.

    • Then all you have to do is wait until he makes it up to you. ☺

    • Thanks :)

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