A guy friend asked me to hang out but I'm not ready to date. I think he's interested. How do I proceed?

I ran into an old guy friend and he wants to get together. I can tell he's interested but I am just 1,000% not ready to date and I'm pretty sure that's where he's going with this.

What do I do? I don't mind getting together. I'm very good at being upfront and I will be when we catch up (out of a relationship, not ready to date anyone etc what I've been up to etc).

That's all I know to do. I really have not hung out with any guy ever outside of my previous relationship. I find this all so overwhelming. I'd almost declined because this is so hard for me.

Like- how do you just get together as friends? I just want friends right now in my life. Not a relationship. A once in a while friends getting together.

Please help me I'm clueless and really nervous and overwhelmed.

Also, there's another guy that is a new friendship and I think he's interested but no hang out plans have been made. What if he asks me plainly on a date? I wouldn't mind an eve of conversation. But not a "date". (Just thinking ahead here... No, I'm not amazing. Just clueless and want to be prepared.)
I'd be sad to lose the friendship. Should I have been evasive from the start?


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  • Just hang out with him like you would with any other friend, and if he tries to make a move, specifically let him know that you're not interested. He'll likely get the hint and back off. If he doesn't, just stop hanging out with him, you can find better friends than that.


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  • Tell him how you feel about it before it escalates and you do something rash like stop being his friend. Not saying you would do this, but it happens sometimes.

  • Be honest with him if he starts hinting at he is looking for a relationship. You could just be over thinking this and he just wants to hang out and catch up. It really depends on where he want to hangout at too his true intentions.

    • Right? Sometimes girls read too much into it and think that the guys is trying to date when he just tries to hang out. Like is he suppose to just text the girl and not see her? Lol

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    • Also you said you haven't hung out with guys outside of your previous relationship which is something you might want to work on, you need to have guy friends because when you do decide to start dating again that will help you figure out about the guy you are dating if he is a jealous type. Just my 2 cents

    • Yeah I really need to to get familiar with all of this! So I think it would be good. Now he's taking ages to reply so maybe he thinks he gave me the wrong idea. I'm more relaxed about it now

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