He is too serious!! We are young?

We are both freshmen in high-school. We have been dating since October. I like him a lot, but he likes me much more. He is way to serious about our relationship. He assumes we will be together forever. He has told me he loves me, and I'll say it back when he does. I know if I don't say it back during the moment he will be heartbroken.

How do I break up with him? I really don't want to hurt him..

I don't mean what to say, just how do I soften the blow? Try growing distant from him first?

Thanks... :(


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  • You guys are in early high school, he doesn't know what he wants yet. I wouldn't worry about it, you guys will probably naturally drift apart soon enough. People don't generally find real relationships until they're older anyway.

    • Right.. But I want to end it now not naturally drift apart...

    • Well then just tell him. He's young enough that he'll get over it without too much fuss. He may be kind of mopey for a little while, but he'll move on with his life sooner or later.

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