What should I do about this annoying yet super hot girl from the bar?

its a weird story so a far even by my standards and I've been through a lot. I guess we first ran into each other a few months ago at this country nightclub we each like to go to on Saturday night. but things have yet to go anywhere and we haven't even officially meet yet although we've seen each other numerous times and I have tried a few times to get her to talk to me and she either runs off or stays with gf's. but its weird cause then other times she like seeks me out and dances rate near me and makes eye contact with me. and bar is very large and she could go other places yet always seems to be around. I don't even know her name or anything about her so can't find her online or any way to talk to her. if she wasn't so good looking I think I'd just completely forget about her but she has this look to her that is just stunning and a great body and likely only 20 .
I'm so frustrated I don't know what to do , is it possible she just wants my attention for whatever reason? does she like hate me yet is attracted to me? is something else holding her back? I honestly think she wants me but I've also seen her dance with other guys


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  • I think she's interested in you, She must find you attractive or appealing cuz she stares at u so much. Maybe she's shy & doesn't know what to say you. Sometimes it can be intimated to talk to a attractive guy & ur not sure what to say to him. What ways did u try to get her to talk to u?

    • keep in mind its a very busy bar and crowded , but I have tried to like bump into her and sort of lighty touch her arm as she walks by me cause she was that close to get her attention. I also have tried to walk over to her when she was with friends but she sort of was hard to get near. the most direct attempt I saw her at bar by herself so I went over and was rate beside her and was going to talk to her until she left. but those were my attempts to talk to her and been a lot of other times where she was rate near me and she looked rate at me as she was dancing and such , she always seems to be around , I wonder if she finds me attractive but like doesn't like something else about me? and that's holding her back

    • Well, maybe she's trying to act all mysterious & hard to get but it does seem like she is also avoiding u a little. Maybe u should move on & if she wants to talk to u, she can come to u, cuz there's no point in chasing a girl, who doesn't give into at least talking to u after so long.

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  • If she avoids taking to you, then just ignore her. She's an attention-whore.


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