Is it possible to get the girl of your dreams if you work at it hard enough?

If there is a girl you are absolutely dying for, you would do anything to get her, how much effort would you put into trying to win her heart?

Say you spend 3 hours a day thinking about strategies and ways you can attract her. You write down these strategies, think about what will be most effective, and then execute them as planned.

You are careful, cautious, methodical, and coordinated. You make sure you carefully flirt with her in a way that does not directly reveal your intentions, thus leaving the question "Should I go out with him?" ambiguous in her mind. You use carefully planned out jokes and humor that are rehearsed and timed perfectly. You are fanatical about your appearance, and put an extreme effort into looking as perfect as possible for the interaction.

You meditate beforehand to put you in the correct frame of mind, focused, calm, ready to go to work.

Am I losing it?


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  • Yes and no, define girl of ur dreams.. If it's that 1 girl U'll never ever find again.. It's a 50/50 but if the term "dream girl" a label of characteristics of a random girl then yes, u'll just have to encounter many of them..

    Men can be successful when it comes to meeting the girl of their dreams, u just need the right experiences of failing and succeeding
    Women are similar to men.. The intimidating factor works both ways when meeting someone new.. I just have to recognize it and use it to ur advantage

    I help other friends and families on approaching men, it's true.. Be ur self.. But u need to add a mix to ur character (not lies or fake) but I'd rather call it adding excitement with confidence, which takes practice and experience to get used to when trying to get a chance with that girl..

    However it's never going to be 100% success rate, some people are just not compatible, accept it and don't be bitter about it. Just need to move onto the next and find one that is compatible

    • "u just need the right experiences of failing and succeeding "

      how many experiences usually leads to a marginal increase of ability? 10? 20? 100?

      I wholly agree that practicing what you want to do makes you successful at it, but more concretely, how much does my ability increase with the number of encounters? Say 20% per 10 women?

    • Would vary by the person, some learn quick and adapt fast some take time,

      I my self took awhile but once I understand women, i started to pick up quite quickly

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  • If it's not meant to be it's not meant to be. You can put all your strategies into action but at the end of the day if she doesn't dig you then it's game over.

    • i have noticed a vast majority women all look for similar traits, so theoretically speaking molding myself to conform what is considered attractive to the majority will render me that highest odds of success, no?

      To me, this is simply a game of maximizing my odds of success. Lets say I am at 50% success rate. Making certain changes might bring me up to 60%, 70%, even 80%, no?

      Generally speaking, every person that has reached the highest level of success in any human endeavor practiced it tirelessly, why should this be any different?

  • You don't "win" a girl.
    Answer this. If a girl you are not mentally nor physically attracted to and have zero desire to be with did nice things for you, would you fall in love with her? the answer is no.

  • Have you told her how you feel? I would start there.

  • Everything is better left to instinct.. don't plan anything just see what happens naturally

    • Naturally, that goes against every success I have had in my life. I am like a robot, I think, I calculate, I predict outcomes and the probabilities, and take every measure possible to win and succeed at my goals.

      If love is a game, I will train hard at it and try to be the champion.

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    • Whatever works for u.. but I do hope that u don't talk to her like that using 'examples and figures' all the time. Hope u get what u want :)

    • O_O... you won't ever get this girl thinking like that. As a matter of fact you come off as kind of crazy. If you can't allow your feelings to become invested in this girl then you shouldn't even try. You'd just be wasting her time. I feel so - so sorry for you. I really do... :'-( <--- That's me crying real tears for you.

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  • Yes it is certainly possible, to get them into bed using psychological ploys, but not exactly fair. And then what? How long would you expect someone to stay with you if you are going to act like a robot, figuring out probabilities of everything. Maybe if she is a mathematician. Surely if you want this girl as badly as you say you do, then you would want her to discover your personality, not just the facade which provides you with the optimum advantage?

  • Too much effort. Just grab and old rag and a bottle of chloroform.

    • This is TERRIBLE but I find myself laughing uncontrollably. ... I seriously hope you're blot a rapist...

    • @KillerTaco You, like me, have a naughty sense of humor ;) Even though I joke about it I'd never rape a woman... or a man, or anything! lol