I'm wanting to love again? Maybe?

So I've been single about 10 months now, I had 2 guys I was kind of interested in, at different times, one was a long time friend, who turned into long time friends with benefits . The other was a new interest, who seemed to never Have time, he was always sweet, but would be hot and cold.. which so was the other and I couldn't figure it out so I called it quits on both. Maybe it was me, bc i was.. and still am kind of scared to put myself out there. I don't even remember how to feel things. But i want it back, I'm tired of numbing my feelings and going with the flow of things, esp ones I don't know what is going on. But i think I'm ready to dip my toes in a little now but I don't know where to start. My ex really ruined the who idea of love and commitment for me. We were together 2 years, had a miscarriage at 4 months, he was a drunk turns out, and unfaithful.. and it just hurt me and the mc took its toll.


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  • It sounds like you're still in the "healing" process. Nothing wrong with that. Time heals everything, just wait until you're comfortable or until someone wooos you. At this point, only you know when you are ready


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  • I am looking for love because my girlfriend that I had before broke up with me because we were to far apart from each other and she threatened to call the police on my ass.

    • That's unfortunate... why would she do that?
      I would even necessarily say want to love again, maybe just have more than a casual interest in a man... I can't connect..

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