Serial dater or just 21 year old?

My boyfriend of the last 4 years broke up with me before Thanksgiving. I cried nonstop for an entire week and tried to get him back and he doesn't want anything to do with me. Once he made that clear to me, I decided to move on.
Since then I've been on 4 dates with different guys..
My mom says I'm being a "serial dater" but I think I'm just having a good time and meeting new people.
Does anyone else see anything wrong with me dating people?

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  • A lot of people actually find dating an enjoyable pastime outside of getting into relationships. There's no reason for you to not find it fun, and you're right, it is a good way of meeting new people and having a good time.


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  • If it is helping you, continue doing it.


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  • No, enjoy yourself. You'll meet people and learn new things about yourself too. You might even be able to embarks upon some adventures.

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