Is this weird behavior?

This cutie at work is new and she has a boyfriend. She's pretty damn hot and seems to be outgoing/flirty maybe a bit with the other guys? There is me and three other guys in our work group. She always asks the other guys questions for the most part, and will come to me as like the last resort. I joked with her about how I was the last resort. She acts like she has a hard time making eye contact sometimes, but maybe I'm over analyzing that. She did come ask me for help one the other guys were gone, and she says "see I came to you and you were my first option". Lol. Here's the thing, I emailed her a slight joke a few weeks ago and she never even responded which was fine, I think she was stressed out. She kind of snapped at me when I was joking with her another time, lol. But here is the thing, I could tell she wanted me to sit by her at this all day meeting. She sat pretty close to me up in my space and like bumped my leg with her leg like 4 times over the course of the day and never said oops sorry, which was weird. Then at a group lunch I sat all the way at the end and she came all the way down and sat across from me at the end event though there were seat available closer. She also bumped my leg under the table. Then when we were standing to leave I had my back to her and she like leaned bumped into me again? I can't tell what's up with her. She has a boyfriend so I can't do anything. What do you think?


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  • I think she likes you but feels restricted on how to act around you because she has a boyfriend.

    • OK, why do you say?

    • Based on how you described her. I usually avoid people that I'm attracted to especially when I can't do anything about it.

    • thanks~

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  • Just leave that one alone man... you're just over-analyzing and she's a flirt

    • Ah.. ok thanks man. What is the constantly bumping me?

    • Could just be you finding meaning in the coincidence because you want it to be true.
      Do you have her number? if not ask for it if you do just shoot her a text sometime and see if she responds. make sure you spend like less than a minute coming up with something or you'll fall right back into that over-analyzing thing again.
      If she likes you she will respond maybe not immediately maybe BF is around but she will get back to you sometime that night