Worried about what I answered him?

He (the guy im dating) asked me why i like to be home alone and answered kinda like this: "it's fun i invite a friend to sleep over, i can eat anywhere i want, i can walk around the house in my underwear i shoulda kept that to myself hahah and the music is always there.."

damn i talked to him as if he was my girl friend


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  • Lol. Either he finds it kinky (and it turns him on), or he finds it amusing (and it makes you sillier and cuter), or he's grossed out (he thinks you're lazy/messy etc). First 2 is a keeper lol.


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  • Did he reply back? If he did so you can make a joke out of it or apologize "oh sorry i shouldve not say that " or just act like u didn't send it.. but better if you do feel you went beyond the limit just say sorry i shouldve not say that

  • well he's either gonna imagine you pigging out on pizza and slopping marinara sauce all over your bed..
    OR he's gonna just focus on the image of the "walk around the house in my underwear part"
    depends how attractive he finds you id imagine

    • is that supposed to be good?

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