I get lonely sometimes but I don't think this guy is good for me. Should I stop dating him?

I started dating a guy and he seemed really nice. He was an older guy around 40 and when he was younger he says he was mean and a player but now that he older he is looking for something more concrete. He treats me nice but the way he talks about others makes me feel he is going to change.

His age def threw me but I decided to get to know him better. As he began talking about his past he told me after sleeping with a woman three time he loses interest, he said once a woman falls for a him there is no more fun and he like to make his exes jealous by showing off his new lady, or items he purchases ( homes and cars) or even shirtless pictures of him on FB. That's another thing that bothers me is he is very conceited. So of course I asked what makes me different and he told me that I make him a better man and that he loves me.

Its hard to stop dating him because I enjoy the company but I feel this could be a disaster.


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  • The ex player card sounds a good one to me. He sounds awful mentioning getting ex gfs jealous by buying his new gfs expensive things. Seems like he's enticing you to stay with him for that reason and also not to leave him.

    Also, I bet it's complete crap anyway. I bet he isn't as rich as he sounds.

    Can't you find company with someone more down to earth? Someone who doesn't have a bad history and also doesn't brag or lie?


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  • how old are you? sorry i want the exact age

    • 23. I will be 24 in a June.

    • okies. thats chill :D if 18 then i was gonna be like... -_- lol! well are you capable of having other options? more realistic options?

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