What do you think he's thinking, does he still have feelings? should I tell him how I feel?

We have known each other for 5 years now and weren't ever in an official relationship. He wanted to be in a relationship with me but I rejected him because I wasn't ready, had family stuff going on. He told me he was really hurt by it and the he even depressed. We slowly became friends again after about a year and would see each other once in a while. A year ago he reached out and we started hanging out and hooking up randomly. I think I started to catch feelings for him again, especially after we had slept together. after that summer, he moved away for work and told me before he moved he liked me and always has and sees a future with me. I saw him a few times since, he would always try to kiss me especially when he's drunk, but I'd turn him down. I did give in the last time which was 4 months ago. i tried to avoid it because I do still have feelings but its hard because he then leaves and i don't know how he feels or where we stand. I'm trying to get over it. I don't know how he feels about me now, whether he's being genuine. I feel like because i rejected him, now he just wants to hook up. he's different towards me now, not like how he used to be. and we don't really talk when he's gone. I think he's just done trying because I always turn him down. I turn him down now because it hurts too much to hookup then him leave and do it again. Now that he's back I just want to tell him all this so I can move on. Apparently he's dating some girl now, but when we saw each other a day ago he was being all flirty with me like he always is. I think Im seeing someone now as well, but i feel i can't fully commit without having closure with this guy. Because I still have feelings for him and I can't fully move on because it just me crazy not knowing or having closure with him. I feel that since we were never actually together I will always think what if and regret rejecting him. I still think he might have feelings for me. Is something still there, especially if he still tries?

He still tries and flirts with me even though he knows I'll turn him down.. I think it's because he may have some sort of feelings?


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  • Tell him everything you feel. Least you'll get it and you'll know everything on his end. Ask him things you want to know. You shouldn't live with regrets.