I'm really confused about how I feel. Can anyone help? IS this normal? Have you felt this way too?

Ok, obviously you can't tell me how I feel, but i'm really confused and any advise would be brilliant. I met this guy and two days later he asked me out. I'm in highschool and not at all used to guys taking any interest in me. He basically said he wants to date me. PROBLEM: I'm not sure how I feel around him. When we're together, i have such huge butterflies ( alllmost painful) and I am SO nervous and embarrased by myself. When he's not there, I never never stop thinking about him. But, its different, because it almost feels like I dont have a crush on him. I feel like I'm not as attracted to him as I should be. Hope that makes sense. Any suggestions or opinions are great. Has anyone felt like this before? Is it normal?


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  • I had the same problem this year I'm 13 so I think I can relate a bit. Well the butterflies I used to get from the guy I liked came from being nervous around him, I think i received these "butterflies" since I was nervous and scared to make a mistake around him, I mean this boy was gorgeous. However, I also felt slight disinterest in this guy I think it's because I felt a if he was to good for me which decreased my interest, but I think these symptoms are really normal!


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  • Normal feelings. I tried to make myself like a guy who was really interested in me and... it didn't work, at all. If u don't have strong feelings for this guy I recommend backing off from him. maybe u can fake interest through a few dates but what happens when if he seriously falls for u? Don't pretend to Like him cuz u r just playing with him if u do

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