Why am I not loveable?

For 5 years, I went for both types of guys: the popular one and the nice one. The popular one played and cheated on me, while the nice one always end up after a week or two telling me they used to love me, but they can't feel the love anymore. I have either be cheated on, played one, rejected, or people falling out of love with me within a week or two for no particular reason saying "It's not you, it's just me". I'm always nice to them what's wrong with me? What makes me not loveable?


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  • Just some perspective, have you tried making any effort in any relationship, doing things for the other person is a very valuable factor because it shows concern and care.

    Also don't fret about the popular guys cheating, they're all like that, but next time you meet a nice sweet guy, try to do more and don't do all that immature reserved dating shit like ignoring texts to seem less eager, bloody hell its pretty much 2015, everyone has a phone but people take longer to reply :( lol good luck

    • I tried putting a lot of efforts into it, too much that I can come across as too needy. The nice one even know I love him so much and that he feels so bad that he couldn't love me he knows he should...

    • its possible you havn't actually met a real sweet guy, a guy who can see you're being really meaningful to him will appreciate you, and he'll love you as long as his heart isn't taken

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  • How did you behave in these relationships?

    • I think I put way too much effort into it that I came acorss as needy or too clingy...

    • That is most likely why, you're pushing them a way bc needy is not attractive. How did you get into these relationships anyway? Like how did you feel about yourself before you began dating these men?