Boyfriend is friends with village people?

My boyfriend hails from a small rural village. He is working in entertainment industry. acting section
Though he has groomed himself & become a pretty smart & cute guy.

he's basically an introvert who does not mix with people easily. He only speaks to a selected group of people.

He has close friends who are also from small towns or villages. His close friends are usually people like small time photographers or small time directors.
Mostly people related to the technical field within the entertainment industry.

He also says he likes to stay at home. Andd he says he would like to visit foreign countries but would not live in a foreign country.
And he is also not ashamed to admit that he's from a village. He openly tells everyone that he hails from a rural town.

What does this say about his personality? I can't get him.

he's lost in his own world. Reserved. Quiet. With his close friends, he hangs out, has fun, goes out and spends timee.

and what kind of girl would he be comfortable with? he's not really comfortable with me.
An extrovert, outgoing and self absorbed female or someone who is more home loving, introvert and simple?


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  • The latter girl probably.


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