Stuck between two guys?

So I've always liked this one guy, he was my first love and he'll alway's hold a special place in my heart. BUT, I've also always "thinged" with his bestfriend. He knows, but still asks me to hangout and stuff. I've had sex with both of them and they just both still text me and act like they don't care. I want to be with the first guy but I don't know how to make him believe that HE IS THE ONE. Help


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  • Try keeping your distance from the second guy. Don't sleep with him or flirt with him! Pretend he's another one of your girl friends. That should do it.

    • But do you think the first guy would still be with me or is this just a game to him now?

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    • Very true. Thanks so much for your input :)

    • You're welcome. :-)

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