Should I be concerned with his snapchat best friends?

So, first off let me tell you this guy is NOT my boyfriend. We have both liked each other however and act like a happy couple for around 6 months now. Everyone thinks we are a couple but we aren't yet. I know he's going to ask me out soon, we flirt all the time over text and we even sext and what not. He even flat out told me he would probably ask me out once I return to my home city (I was away for 2 months due to a family issue) Anyway. When we first started talking he was so anxious to get on my #1 best friends on snapchat. I thought that was so cute and he was very satisfied to earn his place there once he had. Nowadays he's not even concerned about being #1 anymore it seems. We snap all the time but whenever I look at his best friends list it's me in there with 2 other GIRLS all the time. Most times I'm #1, other times I'm #2 and rare occasions I'm even #3! Call me obsessed but hey, I'm just trying to be careful to my easily broken heart here. I just get jealous when I see the names of other girls who I don't even know. To be fair I won't really know many of his friends anyway. But the fact that he only snaps girls just makes me uncomfortable. There are 3 girls in specific that I could list off the top of my head who like to show up there in his list pretty often. I feel like bringing it up with him but at the same time I feel like it would be way too psycho of me, considering him and I are not even dating. I just don't know how to feel. I've seen some of the girls on his instagram and they're pretty attractive but I am too. I just feel like if him and I are going to start a relationship, I'd like to feel comfortable knowing we have a nice fresh blank slate of trust.


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  • Well you haven't even properly began a relationship so you can't contractually oblige him from looking or talking to other girls. Also you don't know who these girls are, so they could just be his friends he's sending pictures to, and sending them to everyone, not just you.
    Snap chat isn't verry good and sometimes the best friend thingy isn't very good as for me I used to always send all the pictures to most people on my contact list, but maybe one or two not as many, and they would suddenl become my best friend when I barely sent them anything compared to my other mate.
    If I were you I would stop worrying for now, your only friends and when you get together then tell him no more flirting with other girls.
    I wouldn't really trust snap chat with best friends and he may just be sending the same things to all of them meaning his best friend list will be messed around.
    I wouldn't send a load of selfies and so many pictures to other guys anyway, so yeah.
    Just talk to him about it later when it's serious, but you have to let him live and you can't restrict him to not talk to people because you think, he may not, they are attractive and may want to pull him. In that case you need to trust him, but for now there is nothing between you. Although he did say he was going to ask you out, it looks like he may be pulling some strings and is a bit dodgy as well but you haven't fully committed yet so wait and see.
    It's probably nothing anyway, with snap chat messing up
    What goes on snapchat, stays on snapchat...
    Haha just kidding

    Hope this helps.


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  • Communication is critical in relationships, so I would definitely talk to him about it.


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  • I would ask him, in a nice way. I think thatif he tried that hard to be on your #1 he would not mind if you ask about it, if it makes sense.