My shyness is a problem (third date jitters)?

I am quite shy. I have improved since our first date... Last night he asked if I could stop being weird for 10 mins, which was impossible lol.. I get so nervous. I started to feel a little sick when I got to his house, So I was sat at the end of his bed. He asked if I was comfortable and I lied and said I was. There were a few times where he would come down to the end of his bed and be a little playful, it wasn't anything major.

Then when it was time to leave he asked me to rate my kissing skills, I didn't rate myself very highly and then I darted off in the Other direction cos I could see where it was going. He clearly wanted to kiss me. I've probably kissed him 100 times in my mind, but in person is another story. When he dropped me home we hugged and he kissed me on the cheek.

How do I relax? I think it would help if he didn't mention it beforehand and just kissed me - I'm going to mention it to him


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  • Try a comfortable place. try not to think about it. turn the lights off so u can't see each other and do what u want to each other.


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