What is the most gross think you have ever caught your partner doing?

I have an open mind so nothing is TMI for me.

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  • I don't have a partner but this is what my guy friend did.
    He took a picture of his shit, and sent it to me, then when I got grossed out
    He got sad

    • Did you two sort It out?

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    • He told me since I'm a girl I can't loose my virginity because if I do nobody will marry me, and since he's a guy he can do whatever the f he wants and nobody will know or care. Lots of other sexist shit like that and we got into an argument that lasted more than 5 months

    • Wow he is stupid and that must have been tence

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  • Once or a few times, my boyfriend would sniff his hand after rubbing me over my pants while cuddling. This was years ago in 10th grade though. That relationship didn't last but I found that pretty weird. And no, I didn't smell offensive. I've always been particular about my hygiene down there especially. He told me he just likes to know my scent but it used to turn me right off.

  • Eat too fast, like he hasn't eat for weeks


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