Who's going to win a competition?

Ok, these two girls compete with each other. The first one feels worse, because she's skinny and has average face. The second has well built body with nice muscles (broad shoulders, arms, biceps) and really pretty face. They want to seduce some guy, but the second seems to have a better chance. She even said that she would kick first girl's ass if she upsets her. Yeah, she is able to do that

How do you rate and compare both of them?




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  • dude both chicks look the same in the pics... you sure they aren't the same person? just saying

    • What? They are completely diffrent girls. The mutual thing is that both wear grey t-shirts.

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    • i guess the second girl which is described... but her overconfidence might ruin everything

    • But you the second is better? WHy?

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  • I say first one. She seems more natural and cool. Second one will start good, but not continue till the end.

  • Bang the one that isn't threatening violence. Don't stick your dick in crazy.


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  • both are hot. and the first one isn't skinny at all, she looks normal-weight.

    although i'd choose the first because she has no glasses

  • They're probably both gunna kick your ass if they find out you've posted their pictures on the Internet, it seems very unlikely they'd be OK with that! I mean you should at the very least blur out the tat that would make the 2nd girl even more recognisable and perhaps hide the fact that the first pic is taken in Budapest

    • Yeah, my bad, you're right :/. But what's your opinion?

    • Neither look like my type, but that's somewhat based on making assumptions about their personalities that could be wrong. Both look attractive enough that it'd depend on the guy and compatibility more than looks.