Your Thoughts on LDRs?

Right now I am in a LDR (Long distance relationship) with a girl. I can sincerely and confidently say tht I love her a lot. We have such a great bond that we have formed together. She's definitely made a change in my life. I just wanted to see what others thought of them. Personally, I see great potential. In fact, I see just as much potential in a LDR as there would be with a person you know in real life. So GAGers, what do you think?


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  • Hey man, I'm in LDRs too. I wish things will work out and you two will be together. Happy New Year!
    In my opinion, LDRs isn't different from ordinary relationship. You just can't have physical activities together. Good Relationship is when 2 people doing their best to make it last. But It is hard to be with each other like me and my girlfriend who live in different country.

    At first my gf didn't have Skype with me, she wasn't ready. Nowadays we have Skype at least every night.
    I have been with her for 6 months. I ever read about a LDR couple who never met their couple for 5 years.
    I wish you and me won't be that long. Good LUCK!


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  • I think they're all right so long as it isn't permanent and someone will be able to relocate within a reasonable time frame which should be decided by the two of you.

    • Great suggestion. Considering we are both under 18, it's more difficult to move around freely. It would take understanding parents to allow you to meet someone far away. Honestly, time flies, if we ever end up meeting (which will hopefully happen) it will seem like today was yesterday.

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    • Alright well stay that way and good luck.

    • Thank you, you too!

  • It never matters how far away the person you love is, if God put that perosn in your life they will be with you, in the timing God planned.. it's also up to the couple to work for it, maybe as a test of love between then, honestly I wold relocate for my love. not question about it. I would do nearly anything to be with him.


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  • I think they can work out. You have to OVER communicate with the person. Try to see each other as often as you can, and eventually will have to relocate to be together.