Not sure how to go about dating this guy?

Well I've not long got out of a yr long relationship and he's just been stuffed around by a chick.
He's older then me he's 27 and I'm 21 but I'm an old soul so very mature.
We have a lot in common and we've known each other for 5 months, he's in my BJJ training class so I met him when I was in my relationship but never talked outside of class. But couple weeks ago I saw him out with a couple of mates from training and we got talking and flirted a bit, then I invited him to parties and outings since and we've been hanging out last couple of days solo just doing things we like.
We talk about everything and have heaps of fun, but he never makes a move not even like cuddling on the couch or cute flirty things when we're out only thing was asking for a massage.
I make little moves like get close or putting my legs on him or tease and flirt and give head massages when he doesn't even ask.
I'm not sure what his intentions are, bore do I know how to go about it as he's older and not sure what he's thinking?
So what are your suggestion please help!


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  • Ask him if he'd like to go to dinner with you sometime.


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