Girls what are the most common/worst complaints about modern day boyfriends?

Girls would obviously here more complaints about guys from their girlfriends than most guys would so I'm curious what kind of things do girls dislike most about modern day boyfriends and what are the most common things they complain about.

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  • Personally issues I've had are immaturity (partying, lack of job, lack of responsibility and drive), selfishness (make sure you both able to choose and veto activities activities etc) and the most aggravating thing that myself and many others I know have dealt with is lack of romance. No it doesn't need to be a candle lit dinner under the stars blah blah every other day lol but do little things to show you care and you won't get any complaints there... As long as you also realize the difference between sex and romance :)

    • And here we got a mature woman's answer.
      Guys, this is the kind of persons you'll want to be dating in REAL grown up life. But then again, that means you need to meet their requirement. Though, i would call the requirements fair.

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    • Thanks! And maybe not. Like my situation right now is I'm unemployed which most would say ugh to immediately. BUT It's because I have medical stuffs that makes it impossible for me to go start working even at mcdonalds or gas stations etc. (I've tried). So in order to fix my issue I'm working my butt off in school to be able to get a decent job from home. So I'm not "successful" or "stable" lol but I have the drive and will get there. And to me that's really all you can ask for these days.

    • Hope it all works out for you. :)
      I really do want to be a good boyfriend if I get the chance and I want to learn as much as I can.

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  • 1. They aren't textual
    2. They only want my hot gorgeous body
    3. He left me but he was an asshole before and I just ignored that, why?