I drunk emailed a guy I've started seeing recently (long distance) about how much I like him. Guys... how bad is this?

Time difference right now is 8hours (I'm travelling). I have not heard back from him yet. This was around 10pm and he was on his email (I know). Is this kind of thing a deal breaker?

Quick update: we've been talking for 2 months. I visited him for 3 days.
I sent him an email (subject: I'm sorry :/) applogizing for 4-5 emails I've sent that night (they weren't terrible... just me telling him I like him a lot and wanting to know where we're going with this... which is the convo we've been struggling with as we have no idea how to handle the distance and have both been hurt in previous relationships. I finished the email with a few updates about trip.
Oh and his response and acknowledgment of me saying sorry...

"(And you never have to apologize for emailing me... It was nice)"


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  • depends what was said.

    • Thanks! Just updated my question.

    • sounds like what you said was ok. but you should avoid drunken emails just because you never know what you'll say.

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  • Don't listen to any of these other retard comments you moved your relationship forward last night be proud of your drunk self.

    • Thanks :) That's sweet... hope you're right.

  • Being drunk is NOT an excuse... he'll take the message at face value.

    I don't think there is anything you can do - chances are you've scared him off, or he's busy fucking another girl.

    • Thanks for your response. I believe you're wrong about him f;&$) another girl, but I guess you never know with guys. My ex-fiancĂ© (together 10yrs) screwed up our relationship by f$&) a co-worker...

  • Tell him you were drunk and you are sorry but maybe you did tell the truth at one point...

    • Thanks! I did... response was "And you never have to apologize for emailing me... It was nice" However, he still didn't give a concrete response to me asking where this thing between him and me is going. We both had bad relationship experiences (he is divorced for 1yr and I broke off my engagement with a guy I met and started dating in university - found out he had an affair). He mentioned a couple of times not wanting to be hurt again. Is this even worth pursuing (I do like him)?

    • Maybe you should consider pursuing, let him know you're interested.

  • Depends on what you said and how long you two have been talking

    • Thanks! Very true. I guess all I said was that I really like him, need to know if he is still into this (he made a comment about not wanting to get hurt again and that's been on my mind ever since) and want to know where we're going with this. I too am scared of getting hurt given previous experiences... but there is something about this guy (despite the distance!). While he did reply saying I never have to apologize for emailing him, he didn't answer/respond to any other stuff I said. I guess emails are not appropriate for that kind of convo... Arghhh

    • Well you have to kinda go into the possible relationship with a clean slate. You can't have what happen in previous relationship affect this one, but you should still keep your guard up at first.

      Now too the response to the email it sounds like he is kinda hesitant about letting his feelings out because of either the distance or because of his previous relationships. From what you have said it sounds like he is wanting to take it slow and you caught him off guard with the drunken email. I would recommend next time instead of sending the email to call him and talk to him about it because most people I know will not say what there true feelings are over the phone or in person but will in a text or email.

      Also never apologize for letting someone know what your true feelings are, it is better to let them know. At least this is my opinion and most of my friends have said the same thing.

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