I have obsessions with myself. What is the problem about me?

I haven't date anybody during my life. I am 21 years old. i have pale and dark hair eyes. I dont think im ugly and My friends say me you are beatiful. They dont believe I've never date a guy. perhaps they dont want to hurt me. im not cocky or what can be problem about me

Yeap I dont give guys any signals but I can't im so shy


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  • It can be hard--even terrifying--to get close to someone else. This is actually normal.

    • Im so shy I know some boys look at me but never ask for date

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  • Your question is totally different from your details.
    I thought you would support the question by listing details as to why people think you are obsessed
    with yourself.
    The details are sort of contradicting.
    How can any one believe you are obsessed If you seem to lack confidence and are not cocky.

    • I can't see you. sorry the question should have more details

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    • I try but pratically im locked every time

    • I agree. I was expecting to read about how often you look at yourself in the mirror or something like that, or how you have ridiculously high standards. guys won't approach if you give them no signals!