How long do you wait to contact someone whose number you got?

Had been talking to this guy on okc for a bit, asked for my number , gave it and he finally texts me four days later. After I messaged my number, he never replied back, but I saw he's been online in between that time spam. Like wtf? My friend said he's probably just trying to have me as a just in case something better didn't go through, and I feel kinda inclined to believe that because all the guys I've ever given my number to have texted me next day over. Opinions?


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  • Im with your friend on this one. It may just be just to have it, the thrill of the chase. Its kinda weird too because when numbers are switched online, the contact is usually pretty quick. In person though, lol, that tends to have a bit of a waiting period.

    • I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but he had mention he was new to to okc and wasn't sure how the whole thing worked.

    • Which means he would have been in a hurry to get out of it if he had a number already... unless... it was one out of many.

  • Don't give him your number to him if he won't respond to you.
    What is your phone number?

    • Huh? We were messaging, he asked for my number, replied back to the message with my number, and then he stopped messaging.

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