Where are some good places around Orlando to take your crush?

I'm only 17 and she's 17, so nothing over 18. yesterday I took her to I Drive, we had an amazing and fun day, I was with her the whole day, yet I couldn't make my move.

Anyways where are some cool/fun things to do, or places to go that are beautiful and amazing.


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  • Disney World (attractions & safari kingdom)
    Universal Studios

    Used to live in Miami and went to Orlando 3x

    • I would take her to Disney World, but I don't feel like its the right time to take her there yet.

    • It would be the first date ever. You could even win her a teddy bear. Heck she might take a pic with you at the photobooth and who knows, kiss you at the moment?

      The only thing that can prevent you from reaching Disney would be cash. If you have enough of it then you're good.

  • Dont know orlando but you could always look for some scenic areas in the country that you could go for a drive and have a picnic or something. It might be a little old fashioned but you'll be alone.

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