Hahaha ok what should I do now?

Ok so i fell for this girl who was into me and was giving me all these signs she liked me... unfortunently she has a boufriend so me being dumb got really confused as to what we were ya know? like i didn't know if she was snuggling with me as friends or hugging me ir whatever lol the fact is is that she has a boufriend and can you blame me for reading all her signs wrong? im sitting here laughing about how many chances i missed and how she was totally into me.. One time she tried to hook up with me but i honestly told her i want to but dont feel good about it because she has a boyfriend.. so anyways we still talk all the time and she laughs at all my jokes but I don't know i feel like i fell into a weird place with her... i talked to her about what happened that night and was like what did you want me to do? and she told me she did want me to kiss me and she likes me... ok.. so what the heck lol... Soo haha next time i chill with her i AM going to hook up with her and get it right... point is should i ever bring it up to her how im sorry i messed up so many times and didn't kiss her sooner or should i just forget all thats happened and just keep moving forward? Im laughing now thinking how much of an idiot i am but hey nobodys perfect and i learned from my mistakes lol... Thanks for the opinions!


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  • lololol just and then the and lolol fuck yeah and keep living YOLO bro

    • Hahah i know right bro? What should i do now though?

    • o_o; Oh. I thought that was it. YOLO etc.