He texts her flirty messages!

So I know this girl that is always flirting with my husband each time they text. My husband is sometimes pretty flirty too, but one day they crossed the line and started talking about what they would have done if my husband hadn't dated me first. they were talking about what they would do to each other (sexually). Ever since that I told my husband how I felt but still he deletes his texts every time from her. And he has renamed her so he thinks "I don't know" its her.

What could this mean?


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  • Sounds to me like your husband has something to hide by changing her name and talking explictally like that. Sometimes when people are together for a long time they run out of things to talk about, problems take over and things get to be suffocating. You didn't include whether or not you and him have a healthy relationship aside from problems with the girl texter. If you don't maybe this is his little way out of the problems without physically cheating (not that I agree with it at all) or maybe he really plans on meeting up with this girl. Either way you need to have a talk. This is something to be concerned about. If he is more worried about his little flirty texting friend then his wifes concerns and feelings he needs to hit the road. It's easier said then done when you are married but there is deeper reason then "just for the thrill" that he is doing this. Maybe this girl has been giving him a lot of attention, have you been caught up or busy? Again these are not excuses for the behavior. Is this woman aware that he has a wife? You said you know this woman, meaning you actually know her know her or just know ABOUT her? You seem to know her "code name" in his cell and have had access to it in the past, id suggest giving her a little friendly call and telling her to maintain her boundaries. You've obviously seen the texts and know she is partly to blame as well but id try calling them both out on their bs and demanding an answer. If you go into a battle weak you are only going to get bruised, id be direct. hope this helps!

    • Thanks!! That really helped. I do know her because we all went to camp to staff together and they have been bestfreinds before I met him. Also we've only been married 3months and I'm hardly busy, except for the normal, work 9-5 Monday to friday.

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  • Wow, you need to put a stop to this before it escalates from text messaging to something more. Still, I'd consider that a form of cheating.

    • Sounds kinda like cheating, but I don't know how to categorize it as cheating, ya know? Also she lives 9 hours away.

    • Cheating isn't reserved to physical contact. There can be mental and emotional cheating as well. He's clearly crossed the line if he's talking about sex with her.

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  • He's cheating, trust me, I did the same thing to my boyfriend. Exactly and I was cheating I just didn't know how to break up with him. I mean you know they are meeting up behind your back. Shit needs to hit the fan. My boyfriend didn't deserve the treatment and you sure as hell don't either!

    He can't be trusted and trust is the foundation of a relationship.

    Good luck.