Should I be concerned about girlfriends snapchat?

She has this coworker that she works with evey week as her best friend. I got suspicious as first because she has a slutty past. She's never really been in a real relationship and she's crazy for me or so she says. She invited me to a work party and I asked her about it. She works with this guy and.. his girlfriend of a year. So should I be concerned? They all work together. But her only bestfriend every week. Same dude.


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  • Social media in relationships , is tough. I've had my phase when I was upset over my boyfriend having a female coworker as his friend too. just talk to her about it, I've had male co workers on mine , As long as there is no bad intentions there is no harm. in my situation we just both deleted the co worker to avoid further arguments. It's about trusting your partner , to put your relationship first.


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  • Tough to say.

    Most people will tell you that you should trust her, and honestly, you should. But on the other hand, this isn't a perfect world, people cheat all the time and completely get away with it, and you would be none the wiser if you decided to follow "most people's" advice.

    It's your call.

    • I mean she works with him and his girlfriend so that eases me a little.

    • I think you're safe-ish.

      Considering the guy has a girlfriend helps to cement things slightly.

      It's not exactly a full blown safety harness but, it does help to lower the chances slightly.

    • Makes me uncomftorable because we are long distance.

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  • You shouldn't have asked about it. Honestly, the best thing to do is not give a shit at all.

    • I mean you think it's innocent or should I be concerned

    • I don't know, nobody knows but her. She could have something for him, it could also be just a friendship. But like I said, don't worry about, don't even think about it.

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