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The dutch school systeem works like this; when you graduate ''junior high'' you get to go to highschool but you get to pick a high school based on your 'test'' scores and teacher advise; you have different levels of education, you have a lower one called vmbo (which mean you dont have to think a lot, and you work more with your hands) you have havo which is for people who are smart and you have vwo which is for people who are ''gifted'''very smart so to say. After that you dont go to university but different colleges, vmbo people go to community college, havo go to hbo to get there bachelors and masters and vwo get to go to university, so... if you got a lower advice in high school your pretty much screwed and have to work 10x times harde. What do you think of this system? i think it seperates people and in other countries everyone gets the same value of education


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  • I think that I'd want to go there... then I wouldn't have to worry about all the people who don't care about school!!!

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