Girl hints that she's not ready for a relationship but wants to go on a date, even though she says we're just friends?

Like the question says, how the heck does that even make sense? She wanted to go on a date - even chased me up about it the say off to make sure we're still on for it, tells me how she really wants to have sex, but then says we're just friends as in strictly just platonic friends?


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  • It means there's some other guy she actually has feelings for who is screwing with her emotions and now she's screwing with yours. Sorry buddy.

    • Hmm, interesting then why does she still keep hanging out at places she knows I'll be, actively tries to make me jealous by flirting with guys (always directly in front of me, before I come in she's just sitting by herself as soon as I get in she'll make sure I see her getting touchy with guys?), and do keeps stating at me all the time?

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    • Okay gotcha so telling her to get lost was the right call then?

    • Yup.

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