Might not seem like a big deal but I'm stressing out! Is it a date or?

Backstory my friends: So me and my ex split a little over a month ago. Since then we've been talking mostly nicely, a few arguments but mostly just "how was your day?" stuff to be polite/friendly. But about a week ago (during a stupid argument) he accidentally blurted out something about starting over or getting back together. Then I explained our issues with each other haven't changed so there's no point in trying again. And since then he's been throwing out little things he's been doing to better himself (a lot of things he knows I had issues with)

Well last night we were talking about Christmas etc. and as cheery as I was trying to be it was apparently obvious mine wasn't the best and then he asks to take me to dinner. He said something about I should have a special day too etc.

Normally I would just assume he was just being nice and it's a friendly thing. But looking back to the 3 years of our relationship besides the first 2 months he never offered or really wanted to go out much, especially out to dinner, which that plus the above instances makes me not sure what this is.

Does this seem like a friendly dinner or does it seem more like he's wanting a date? I just don't know how to handle the situation so advice please?


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  • Date... definitely a date. How do I know? I'm doing the same thing with my ex. Pretty much the same back story, and am taking her out for dinner this Friday .

    • That's quite the coincidence AND makes you the perfect one to ask I think lol. So did you actually call it a date or is it just known that it is?

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    • I guess the question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to be more than friends.

      I'm planning on asking my ex how she feels about me on Friday . If she thinks we have been hanging out as friends rather than dating, i'll have to stop seeing her, because im still in love with her. I know she wouldn't do it on purpose, but I dont want to be led on.

      Maybe your ex isn't capable of walking away, but if you dont want to date, i suggest not seeing him as it will get his hopes up. Thats not to say you can't see him, just that its best not to make a date out of it.

      Hope that helps.

    • We should be friends. lol. Seiously thought that's exactly why I wanted to figure out what he thought it was so I wouldn't be getting his hopes up. But I also didn't want to cancel it or feel dumb for assuming if it is a friendly thing

  • If you like a guy, he shouldn't have to "change". Sounds like more of a project cause you're bored type thing... leave it be.

    • I agree with that and wouldn't and haven't asked him to change anything. Everything he's doing is his own idea. I'm just confused about his intentions with the dinner thing and how to handle it, which I've seen sillier things here so thought this would be a good place to try to get insight is all.

    • If you're having to ask how to handle it, he's probably not worth your time

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