So I was rejected... sorta?

I told my friend (lets call her Emily) that i liked a friend of hers (let's call her Ally) , Ally is good friends with Emily, so she says she'd talk to ally about it to get some kind of idea, But Ally doesn't date, s he's very sick, so her life in general is quite unpredictable, i knew that she was sick before hand, but the problem with this is, it doesn't really feel like enough of a rejection to me, i thought i had a chance with her, i really had high hopes for this, i'm really at a loss of how to react
and what do i do now? do i go on like normal? i used to invite her to any kind of get together that was happening, do i still do that? or would it be a bad idea now that she knows i like her?
should i wait a certain amount of time before i talk to her again? i really have no idea what to do now


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  • I agree with these other girls. Best way to find out for sure is talking to her directly, but that's difficult sometimes lol But especially do invite her to everything you would have before! First, like the other one said it'll show confidence but also that you do like hanging out with her as a friend too. Otherwise she might feel like you were Only hanging out and inviting her because you like her which isn't a good feeling either. And second, she might like you too but feels her illness might get in the way or cause issues that she's insecure about, and inviting her not only gives you guys more time to hang out but many chances to bring it up again :)

    • I think you might be right, i'm not ready to jut give up yet
      i'm just not sure if i should wait a while before personally inviting her to things again, i don't want to seem like i'm trying too hard so soon at least

    • Good for you! And think of it this way, if this didn't happen would you be questioning inviting her? I think if you are able to just act as if this didn't happen, if you don't make a big deal out of hanging out she won't either

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  • i think you should still invite her, it shows that your confident, and now she knows you like her she might be more observant. i think now she knows, its your chance to make her like you back :) good luck!

  • dont talk to her friend talk to her get it from her


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  • She's doesn't want to date because she's sick, not a big deal. I think that her knowing you like her is much better than her not knowing. No don't wait when to approach. Be a man and show it to her. I'd hold off the dates until she gets better thought.

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    • Well, I have only known her a while, so i don't know everything about it
      but it seems to be the kind of thing that could get her any time
      she seems to get dizzy sometimes out of nowhere for a while, and she mentioned a lot of side effects from the meds she takes, from the answer i got though, the biggest problem she has is that it's so unpredictable

    • That's because females are unpredictable. It's a reality situation for is guys to deal with and vice versa. But it shows that you got the balls to face rejection and move on.

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