Should I be alarmed of a break up coming?

Me and my girlfriend have been seeing each other everyday even crashing at each other's place for 2 months straight. For the past 4 days she has been acting really distant and today she told me she wanted to not see me today and because we have been seeing each other too much. She wants to see me but would like to miss me too so wanted to take today off and relax with her kid today. She told me she felt smothered.

Is this a legit case of needing some space or is she planning on breaking up or is she talking to another guy?


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  • Definitely needs sime soace. I need space after reading that


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  • I am in the EXACT same situation. 2 months... seen him/slept over basically every day. I'm at the point where I'm really unsure about him because he's made it too easy for me. I think he just falls for everyone he dates. If you feel her pulling away, then you should pull away... Don't contact her all the time, she will lose interest. That's exactly what I told the guy I'm dating... Make her miss you :)

    • Just last week she was telling me I was perfect for her lol but I have no problem pulling back. Oh wait she just text me ok that was quick.

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  • Sounds like you are chasing her way too much. She likes who you are as a person, but your behavior is turning her off. You need to back off and let her come to you.

    Wait for her to contact you, say something sweet like "Hey baby, great to hear from you. I'd like to see you, when are you free to get together?".

    Women are emotional and in the moment, so you need to be understanding of that. If right now she feel smothered than back off. She might feel completely different tomorrow, call you, tell you she wants to see you right now, or it may be a week.

    Be in the moment and respond how she is feeling RIGHT NOW. If you insist that she should want to see you because you're a couple and that's what couples do, you'll just piss her off and she will eventually break up with you. When she is ready she will let you know.

    • Thanks. Yes we are a couple we made it official. At the beginning it was her always wanting to see me everyday she would tell me to spend the night. I offered it a few times saying I don't want to smother I'll go home and she would say no she feels like she could be with me all day. But we work together also so it's like almost 24/7 so I guess she finally hit being smothered. Next time I'll just force space instead of letting her be in control.