It seemed like she was using me as a rebound, so I cut her loose now she's pissed at me?

This girl seemed to be exhibiting pretty weird behavior, such as:

Disappearing for months at a time and reappearing again.

Was... overly eager to get things sexual from the first date, although I told her I don't like when people are that eager to escalate - it makes me think they have different motives rather than shooting for a healthy relationship.

Was quick to tell her friends about me, but then just as quick devalue/demonize me to her friends (and this repeated itself).

There was no point where I knew where our relationship stood, it was always ambigious.

Would repeatedly mention flings, and her ex-boyfriend, despite the fact that they had been broken up for 3/4 of a year.

Never really bothered to find out out about my life, instead just kept focusing on her's, my social status, income, etc.

So in the end I cut her loose, and told her either she's playing games, on the rebound, or really manipulative. Then left it at that. She never attempted to contact me but then she would start being at the same place's I would go to for hours on end... sometimes over 12 hours at a time... and she would always try to show me she had guys waiting to give her the attention. Aside from the fact that she's likely unstable, what's the point of all this?


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  • Dude you answered your own question! Well done now gimmie mho!

    • Well I get she's unstable but why is she pissed if she was, as far as I can tell, just using me as a rebound anyway?

    • It's called entitlement.

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  • she's pissed at you because you're no longer giving her what she wanted! let her be pissed off and do whats best for you :)

  • She probably just wants the attention

  • Fuc- excuse my language screw her... She's not making any sense, she has no reason what so ever.

    • Okay, I mean thus far I've given her the chance to explain her side which she decided she didn't want to do, so I ignored her then she demonized me and started doing this creepy crap.

      I don't really know what I should do about it or what's even going through her mind.

    • Don't worry about what's going through her mind and don't do anything about it let it go...

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  • bang her, she shouldn't mind

    • I don't want to bang her, not if I am just a rebound guy... there's more time wothy women than that.